Photos ♥

Share photos of presents and gifts I received on my birthday =)
I promised liao mah...
So here they are... Hehe
Enjoy the photos

Majolica Majorca Mascara and hair shampoo from The Natural Source
Gifts from members of the Bird Family ^^

The mascara and hair shampoo were placed in this gold colour box
Banana birthday card from Yinshit
Why? Plainly because she likes bananas
Strawberry birthday card from Bitch
Why? Because one of my nicknames is "Strawberry"
Chilli birthday card from Cun Gu
Why? Because this shorty wanted to tease me
(I can't eat spicy food because of my face)
From this, you can figure out who is evil *grins*

The tissue paper that Bobo gave me
(Look at his ugly writings xD)

Jeffrey took a receipt and circled out "Happy Birthday"

At the back of the receipt...
Jeffrey's "Wat tat", signature and wishes
So diao -.-

Cute tiny bear from my pet sis
Look at those glittering stuff on the bear?
They were all sewn by her ^^
Thanks sis

Baby Ultraman from Ching Fang =)
Looks quite sohai and cute, hahahaha
Thank you

Nice orange bag... I never knew it was for me x)

Inside the orange bag, was a big lovely pink box
While inside the box was...
The first birthday gift I received this year ^^
The teddy bear has magnets on its paws and ears
A bear from Tat Yong, Toutou and KJ
(And ahbii? But her name isn't on the birthday card... So I'm not sure)

A cute and small birthday card which came with the teddy bear
It was at the bottom of the box
(You guys know what, I baru noticed this card -.- Babi betul)
Thanks so much :P

A card made by ahbii =)
Super nice
Creative card with blessings from friends
Thanks ahbii and those who signed on this card

Thank you
Only you could make me so happy


2 条评论:

xiaocai 说...

a mu..so late oni post out ur present ah..?

but reli la..
that hair oil memang same like


鸟王·Raven 说...

Ya loh...
Because my phone was with Y
I dun have camera
I tell you something
Actually that is really ketchup
You wanna try it?
You will love it, trust me xD