Me Mum
"Tomorrow morning buy breakfast from McD for me arh?"
"Huh? Dowan la..."
"Very easy only... Go Drive Thru there... No need to order yourself... Just drive to the guy and give him the coupon..."
"No time la... Must rush... Dowan..."

Ok la, don't want pun nvm...

After some time
"Really dowan ar??"
"Hmm... Ok la..."

After some time, again...
"Ei... Tomorrow really dowan to buy ar??"

Haiz, finally I gave up...
No hotcakes and coffee tomorrow... :/
I will just eat Butterscotch bread tomorrow :)

This morning when I went downstairs...
Wait a minute...
Is that real??
Isn't that a McD plastic bag??
(I didn't wear my glasses)
Went closer a little...
It is man!!

Haha, so touched :)
Silly mum...
Thank you for buying breakfast from McD for me though you dun really know how the Drive Thru service goes...

This is what happened the last time mum used the Drive Thru service at McD
I was beside her on the car
We arrived at that place where you tell the "machine" your orders
Mum pressed the thing instead of "speaking" to the machine
I nearly roared in laughter
Me Mum McD Worker
"No no no!! Tell the thing what you want!! Say 'Fillet-O-Fish'"
"Besar atau kecil?"
"Tak mau." (to the McD worker)
"I dowan any drinks." (to me)
"He asked you want big or small la! Not drinks!!!"
Lmao... I went on laughing laughing and laughing...
"Oh okay. Kecil."
"Tak mau." (to the McD worker)
"I dowan drinks." (to me)
"Omg, mum. No tak mau 1 la! This is a package, no tak mau drinks 1. Tell that person coke!!!" (Lmao, roaring in laughter again, this time totally out of control)
And I saw that McD worker smirking too
"See that guy oso laughing at you liao!! Hahahaha apa pun tak mau tak mau... Besar kecil oso tak mau means what oso you dowan ar... Then what for you come here, just to drive through and kacau people meh... HAHAHA"
Mum was smiling in embarrassment too
Poor poor mum
She understands English and Malay better than me
But she was so mong cha cha, dunno why

Anyway, thank you mummy :D
Sorry I found this modem wire just now and curi curi online
But I will study later, okay??
And I also won't curi curi online anymore :)
I heart you :D

(You see, simply a breakfast can make me feel so touched and decide to study a little harder + control myself from using the internet, hehe)


5 条评论:

♀【shiling 】♂ 说...

hahaha xD your mother so cute.
I had McD bfast also le today.
my friend's drive thru story also damn funny

dellynn (^-^) 说...

mummy very very cute la!!!! haha!

Amanda 说...

Totally LMAO!!

[N][a][i][m][o] 说...

hahaha...cute mummy.
so gd hv mcd breafast..haha

鸟王·Raven 说...

♀【shiling 】♂
Haha yea my mum is cute sometimes
McD breakfast = trend
Bissh xD

dellynn (^-^)
Yup... :P


I thank you for praising my mother cute, on behalf of her... LOL
Yup... Like very hamfok... xD