3 Years & 8 Months

Having good imagination is good or bad?
I was revising Malaysia + Singapore's Histories
When I came to the part about the massacre of Malaysian Chinese by the Japanese

Actually I have read about this a few years back
And in fact, my mum and sis have told me this brutal and saddening history when I was young
I think around 6 or 7
How they forced Chinese to drink water till their tummy couldn't take it and the Japanese soldiers would stamp their stomaches
How they raped Chinese women and killed them in the end
How they struck knives through pregnant ladies' stomaches
How they @#$%^&*+...
My mum is okay about Japanese but my sister hates them

So, though sometimes I admire how advanced they are, how clean their country is, how well-behaved are them
I still dislike them
I have been like this, since I was young
And when I read through the whole thing again just now
The fire of hatred was set aflame, once again
Imagine Chinese, people of your own race, standing in a row
Waiting to be shot down by those disgusting beasts
Imagine them being buried alive
Imagine how hopeless they were

Until now, China citizens still express their anger to Japanese
When they do that, please don't say
"Hello... It happened such a long time ago, just get over it."
Japan hasn't said a shit word of apology YET
And even if they apologise, they would not be forgiven- for now (maybe, or forever)
They don't deserve to be forgiven
So maybe that's why they refuse to apologise? KANASAI
They tried to cover up the brutal acts of their ancestors
They changed the contents of their history books
So what? Everybody knows about their ugliness
Their existence is a disgrace

God teaches us to be forgiving and we should obey whatever He says
I am sorry
So far
It's a big NO in this case

I hold grudge?
I am very "chinese"?
I don't think I am wrong

Fuck Japanese
Fuck Japan


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Whenever there is man, there will be war. :(

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Yea :/