I dislike my neighbours
Their children run all over the house, scream and shout, cry and whimper, making hellishly much of noise
Whenever I complain to my mum, she would say,
"Aiya, children are like that."
I wasn't like that during childhood, neither was my sister nor brother
We were quiet most of the time

If I ever have kids and they behave like my neighbours' kids
I will whack them to hell
They know how to talk, they are not babies
They should express their discomforts by words, not by WHIMPERING and YELLING

I don't have the mood to continue typing
I guess you people know the reason-
My neighbours' kids have been crying on and off all this while
And actually one of them must cry at least once a day
Why kids never get tired of crying? mlm

Quote of the day:
Quiet kids are lovable
Noisy kids are horrible


4 条评论:

♀【shiling 】♂ 说...

hahaha KIDS duh.
i like your quote hahaha!
maybe their parents pamper them too much LOL!
u should go n teach them!

DecembeR XiaOXiaN 说...


don't so care about it~


Mny kid are like that ~

[N][a][i][m][o] 说...

kids r naughty at all...haha
tahan sahaja lar~~

鸟王·Raven 说...

♀【shiling 】♂
Thank you :P
Yea, their parents pamper them a lot but sometimes they whack them too
Nah my neighbour has tattoos on his body... Dun play play xD

DecembeR XiaOXiaN
I just wish that my kids are the minority ones

Yea that's the only thing I can do