3 Days & 2 Nights

Location: CC at Bentong, Pahang
Wondering wth am I doing here??
I arrived here with Y yesterday... Bentong is his hometown
I'll be here until tomorrow (20091011)

This is not the first time I visit his home
But is the first time I see his younger sister
=.= I dunno why I was (or am?) so afraid of his younger sis
Er... Actually I do
I am afraid that she thinks why her bro has a gf with bad skin
I am afraid that she will tell her friends her bro has a bad-looking gf
As Y's relationship with his sis is quite bad (they dun talk to each other)
As Y's sis is younger than me
So I could just go to Y's room instantly after reaching his house
And I covered up my face with a towel when I had to pass by her to get to the toilet to bathe
(Looked like I was simply smelling my towel -.-)
Anyway, somehow, she saw my face in the end :/
I hate my skin *sobs*

Btw, 20091012 is our 1st anniversary ^-^
As he will be working on that day, we will celebrate it tomorrow :D

A friend of mine called me "cheap" when he/she knew that I would be going to Y's hometown
He/she is one of my good friends
But I still hate him/her for saying that
What's wrong with going?
You faggot


4 条评论:

匿名 说...

Halo ~ niao ma,
dun care whatever he/she said..
juz b urself ~..

qingrou ^^

★ YєєThєиg ★ 说...

ya ... dont care so much =]
just enjoy with your bf enough ~~

[N][a][i][m][o] 说...

dun bother wat the ppl say~~
be happy with ur Y lar^^

鸟王·Raven 说...

qingrou ^^
Didn't really care but still dulan abit... :P

★ YєєThєиg ★
Thanks :)

Thank you~~~~ =)