Hong Kong Style Rocky Bun
(I guess that's its name :P)
Dellynn dropped by my working place and gave it to me :D
Yuki asked if she was my friend as she was smiling at me
I didn't notice her at first and when I looked at her
I couldn't recognise her =.=
Then I suddenly recalled that she would be looking for me today, so that must be her xD
Hey Dellynn, thanks for visiting and treating me that delicious bun :D
You're really friendly ^^
Sorry for not chatting much with you as there were customers :'(
It was really nice meeting you =)

Beautiful tak?????
Believe me, it was me who sticked this
Just pass by "Hommy" and you will see it
You may buy other designs and try it yourself :D
Mini clock is included, only RM50++
It's really easy to use, just like stickers
Follow the alphabet and just stick them on
Even me, an idiot in art and craft, know how to use it
So it's easy to use, really really easy
I'm not promoting to increase our sales
But because I think it's really fun to use :D

Quite happy today :)

Happy birthday Kelly Tan <3
About the incident... =.=
My colleague was really mad, luckily not at me but at you people
Anyway, it's okay
Just don't repeat it =.=


3 条评论:

Sky_LeGOlAs 说...

gt other ppl name "delynn"
bt no 1 name with "yu long"
pity la saya
so many day went visit
talk talk talk v u
and i c d 1 who look alike v my lover
u didnt talk abt me at all la
tak ada hati la awak

kÏyÕkØ^¥åÑ 说...

u stuck that in ur room??

鸟王·Raven 说...

That time haven't mah
I'll mention about you
Don't worry xD

At the shop's cupboard as demo :D