I don't have self-confidence
Therefore I don't have faith in anything and anybody
Sometimes (or I should say "most of the time"? Idk) I even lose faith in God, the Almighty
Shame on me

Y is the perfect guy for me
He is the best guy I have ever known
But no matter how good he is
I don't trust him wholeheartedly, I could only believe him
It's seriously not his fault or problem
He has done more then enough to let me feel secured

It's my problem
I dunno why am I like this
I really have to change to be a better person
To be as good as him

Thank you for everything, Y
I'll try to figure out what's wrong with me

Nothing happened between us and he doesn't know about my thoughts
No worries buddies :D


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小艾~(@。@)~ 说...

My dearest birdy
Can i ask for a permission before i talk ? I noe u must asking wat permission i need...right !
Can i slap u till u wake ur fucken minded up ?
Come on! Things suppose not to be lik that gurl!What is in ur mind now ?
Lack of confident
Lack of trust
Lack of direction
Lack of the True Heart on you before
Well... that is good for some changing after couples of days or weeks but i think tis changing is NOT THE WAY YOUR FRIEND WANT TO SEE!
I think we need to hav a tea...either mamat or starbuck..
What you need to do now is just cheer urself up and don juz jump into the narrow way !
When something happen people must hav responsibility on it...no one can juz keep all the fault on him/herself...
Stop blaming urself !

Come on...go wash ur face now to hav a clear minded and juz hav a clear plan on ur life and days...
Get ur direction
Get ur confident
Get ur own heart
Never lost urself!

From ur dearest Xiao Ai .

鸟王·Raven 说...

You can't slap me with your filthy hands
I know what you were trying to tell me
Thank you very much
I will try to do as you said
Thanks again, buddy