Watched "Avatar" with a few old friends this noon
Two of them have watched it before
But they'd rather watch it again then watch the squirrel movie
(Idk the name la, Alvin Chipmunk?)
The movie was quite educative and touching

Pei Xun bought popcorn, coke, Kit-Kat & Rocky
I ate 3/4 of the popcorn and a piece of Kit-Kat
When the chocolate melted in my mouth
Idk why... I felt contented
At that moment, it seems like life is actually easy
Just sit back and relax, give yourself a break
Everything's gonna be okay
Don't stress and torture yourself anymore

But the main reason I'm feeling better is because he and I are friends again
He said that he would still worry about me in the future, but just as friends
(That's so much better then nothing)

If we are meant for each other, we will be together in the end; no matter how long it takes
And if we aren't, let it be. We can't go against God's will

Hanging out with him on Wed before he goes to Johor
Take care, I still heart you though you hurt me a lot
I'll still be there for you, silently

想不出了  就只有两个愿望

加油  =)