What The Fork

Promised myself to quit drinking after new year eve

"Oi~nite go out xx mau drink o"
"Wtf... Another heartbreaking case? F life :( Ok, what time?"

So I'm going to drink again tonight, at 9

All we girls ever wanted (most of the girls)
Is to be with a guy who love us as much as we love him
But tengok what guys do?
Fool around and break girls' heart like nobody's business
Don't get into a relationship unless you are ready to commit
Ahhhhh... So fucked up with jerks, feel like slashing them to bits

Daryl Raven
"the better u treat the person the more the person takes u for granted"
"i treat the person good..."
"is to let him or her know that i dun take him or her for granted"
"and in return he or she takes me for granted?"
"what life is that"
"what theory"
"factual theory that can't be denied"

I don't like playing games
I love him; I treat him as good as I can
To let him know how much he means to me
But it looks like I should start acting, stop being so straightforward
Act like I'm so "whatever" in anything, don't give a fuck in anything

Rubbish mindset