Ribuan Sorry

I've changed my blog address again
Bloggers, you guys may curse me, whatever
But the condition to it is- relink me xP
SORRY for the inconvenience caused
I swear it's the last time T^T
I changed it because of some lame reasons

A brief post about my CNY celebration-

CNY eve:
Went back to Mentakab, Pahang with my family, stayed over at 3rd aunt's house. Had reunion LUNCH with them. Hot day =.=

1st day:
Went to Kerdau, Pahang (mum's hometown). Hot day. Prayed at a temple and visited relatives... Compliments from them made me gaga xD

2nd day:
Went to somewhere like Taman Peliharaan with 3rd aunt and uncle... The animals looked lovely but the weather wasn't lovely... Another hot day =.= Had dinner at a restaurant... Delicious food :D

3rd day:
Drizzly day, finally... But not on the right day as we wanted to go to Genting. Went there anyway... Watched "Legion". Btw, I must have looked younger than before... For the first time... I... Couldn't... Get... Into the casino... Hello~ I dressed in the most mature outfit this time T^T No ban huat but to walk around alone... It's ok la, kill time and fat

Photos won't be uploaded on FB until Sunday because masih ada upcoming events


2 条评论:

Miss Xiaocai 说...

haha..ah mu..mayb u get more younger ad..
first time hear u cant in casino..^^

by the way,hapi chinese new year ya..

鸟王·Raven 说...

Miss Xiaocai
Yea, getting younger
After many many years... You won't recognize me because I will have turned into a baby... xD Crazy!!!
Happy CNY to you too dear =)