If we ever had the chance to keep in touch again
If we ever had the chance to talk on the phone again
If we ever had the chance to see each other again

I would not tell you I have feelings for you
As I have none
I would... Honestly, I don't know
And I am not going to think further about it

I used to tell myself to stop thinking about "WHAT IF"
Until I watched the movie- Toothfairy
(But hey, if I continue thinking the old way, will I really get into fairyland? xD)

"Dream like you will live forever, live like you will die tomorrow."

Nah~ Don't bother me
Just trying to convince myself to dream as I have stopped doing so since the BIG issue


5 条评论:

* qing ying * 说...

haha~~ juz go ahead to DrEam~~~

xin3r 说...

gambateh my mum^^ your daughter loves you^^

鸟王·Raven 说...

* qing ying *
Ying~~~~~~~~~~ ^^
Yeah I'll try to dream again :P

Thanks Xin =)

小艾~(@。@)~ 说...

SiGh~~~~I always in my dreams~~~

鸟王·Raven 说...

Need me to knock your head?