Keep It Safe And Sound

Saw some pictures and mind went wild again

I'm too cautious and rational in relationships nowadays
It's a big change in me due to the brutal past
I'm over protective towards my heart as it is too fragile to be hurt once again

Dad  I
"If you get married in the future, (he said IF because he knew I was against it), don't choose a gambler or alcoholic as your husband. Occasional smoker is okay."
"Haha, I myself don't smoke dy very ok liao la..." *mumbled to herself*
*he didn't really hear it* "And never ever get married with a playboy!!"
"I will let him die if he is one... Haha~~ And I will surely divorce if I got the wrong person, I wouldn't just bear and suffer forever."
*paused for a moment*
"Look... If I don't get married, I don't have to worry that much... So I'm not going to look for trouble. I'll just avoid taking risks."

Thanks God I have an open-minded father
He has no problems with me not getting married
He even said that he'd rather I stayed single if my future marriage life isn't blissful
All he ever wanted is his children- my sis, bro and I to lead a happy and meaningful life

"You know... Nowadays... When guys want to be more than friends with me... I will start suspecting every word they say and eventually back off or ask them to f off... I have no trust in guys and even love itself anymore..."
"It's not a total bad thing... It's good to be cautious... Maybe after four to five years, you will recover from all the pain and accept things once again..."

On some aspects, I know myself brutally well
I'm the 100% typical hard-to-let-go type
I've decided to totally cut off anything to do with relationships because I've had enough heartbreaks
I don't wanna risk my heart from being shattered into pieces again
Some people might say, "Hey your Mr. Right will surely come along... Don't stop trying until you find him."

Ha-ha- *zip*
No thanks. How many heartbreaks do I have to go through to get to the right one?
I'd rather lose that f*cking chance

I do not trust.
I do not love.
Therefore I do not get hurt.
This is my choice.