Mum's Day

When one can't stop begging for forgiveness from God, it is plainly one couldn't forgive oneself...

Stop beating yourself over it =/

Actually I wanted to blog about my mum's simple birthday celebration (12/06) with a few photos
Finally snapped photos with my family :)
And it's been ages since we last had birthday celebrations...
But I dunno what's wrong with this damn blogger, couldn't upload any photos, I've tried for hours >:/

News of the day:
I lost my ring!!!! =(
I have it on all the time except bed time and it fits my finger, really have no idea how it escaped =(
No more rings, bye bye

-Mona R·慧-

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匿名 说...

I still got one~ c:


Mona·慧 说...

Mai chuan saya~~~!!!!