Had a great outing with seniors and mates just now ^^
Went to RedBox at Plaza Pelangi
This is the first time I sang with people other than my family and CK :O
Breakthrough? Hahahahaha, crazy

I love the seniors
They are so nice, not stuck up at all :)
Looking forward to hanging out with them again :D

Had a dream about him the night before
Somehow I still wish the dream come true
Silly yeah??? Who cares :/

Another month to go
And I will be back to Klang x)
Going to shop like hell
Nokia C6, cosmetics, dresses, tops, shoes etc etc etc etc
I just can't wait xD

I just realized that my birthday- 525
It means... wo ai wo, I love myself
Meaningful eh? Hehehe

Habis membebel, bb :P

Trust me, don't trust me when I say I trust any guy

-Mona R·慧-