Wonderful, beautiful, stomach-full

Had a great day with my beloved mates yesterday :)

Photos were uploaded on facebook-

Thanks you girls for everything
Life will never be so fun without you people, I'm dead serious

I shopped and spent and that made me even happier :)
Jumpsuit from Springfield- RM135.20
Dress from Lola- RM49
Skinny jeans from Dorothy Perkins- RM79.00
Top from Cotton On- RM37.50
Handphone case from a stall- RM7.90
Food- Sorry, don't feel like counting, lazyyyy :P

Haven't bought heels yet =(

Show you people the outfits when I put them on next time
(Don't even care if you people are interested or not, blehhhhh, hahaha)
Goodnight!!!!! :D

-Mona R·慧-

2 条评论:

`๓.ѕђії ♥ 说...

i thought you missing jor tim.
==zzz really a long longlong times never saw your comments.

miss you a lots .

yo, you sibeh rich la weh.
buy so many outfits. =(
so sad. i want it too.
when you only buy for me?
i m waiting .......

yeeeheee, btw, please take care yah.
i m fine now. no need wry about me :)


Mona·慧·مؤنا راؤئن لئئ 说...

`๓.ѕђії ♥
Just got back on wed :)
Nope, I'm not rich
I'm a always so kiampah, no money still wanna shop
Shop till pokai xD
Good to hear that you are fine
Take good care and kambate in ur studies :D