Practical #2

Three main reasons I love about practical:

1. I love seeing patients of all races chatting and showing care towards each other
  "God is one, man is one."
  "The earth is but one country, and mankind its citizen."
  I really love the scene.
  It's beautiful, un-describabl-y beautiful.

2. I love seeing the patients smiling while doing treatment though it's painful at times
  I used to ask them, "Uncle / Auntie, sakit x?"
  Most of them would nod with a smile and the smile would stay as they continue doing treatment...
  I see the light of courage in them.
  Though the hardships, they stayed positive.
  What about youngsters nowadays? Including myself.

3. I love to serve the patients
  There's a famous proverb in chinese “助人为快乐之本”
  It's SO true.
  I feel happy when I serve them.
  Guess that's the best thing about being a health worker :)

Shii, I'm an occupational therapist trainee
It's about using occupations (meaningful daily activities) as therapy to maximize patients' independence in their daily life :)
It's not a popular field at Malaysia but if you ask the westerners, most of them can tell what is it about x)
Maybe google can help if my explanation isn't clear enough :P

-Mona R·慧-