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I'm blogging in English today, just for fun ~.~
It's been a long time since I last blogged in English so just "close an eye" if you caught me using broken English, heh :)

I went to Aeon Bukit Tinggi with Dan this morning
We had brunch at KimGary
Dan had something like double cheese rice (very very huge portion, I felt full by just watching her finish up everything), hot green tea and soup
I had red bean ice and red bean pudding
*I love red beans :) *

The lovely red bean pudding :)

And then we went shopping
Dan bought a few tops from Esprit
While I tried this on though knowing that I wouldn't buy

Pretty nice eh xP

QianXin met us up at around 1600, bringing some snacks from Taiwan for us :D
We had an hour's girls' talk and called it a day

Things that I've bought today:

#1 Nail Polish from Sasa- RM19.90
Personally I don't really like to polish my nails cuz I can't stay with one colour for a long time
But this is something different

There are 3 bottles
Each with an Alphabet on the cap

After applying A on the nails
I applied it twice

After applying B on the nail tips
(Nail tips? I dunno la... It's alright as long as you all understand)
Looked kinda awful
Sorry I'm just a newbie =.=

Apply C between A and B
I like it =)

#2 Silkygirl Gel Eyeliner Pen (Silver)- RM19.90
#3 Eyelashes Glue- RM15.90
Both from Sasa too
I've been searching for silver eyeliner for my lower eyelids-下眼线 (Wtf my English is sibeh broken... T___T )
I don't like pencil kind of eyeliner cuz I dunno how to use a sharpener properly =.=
This is the only one I could find
First time using Silkygirl products... Hope it's better than my expectation

#4 Plaid blouses (Buy one free one) -RM69.90
The first pattern

The second one

p/s: I know I looked unfriendly in the photos, paiseh

End this post with a photo of lovely Dan & I
Me heart you, sista
Geli betul xD

Goodnight all


2 条评论:

JoyceKoh 说...

nais nails :D ur nails very long leh... mine so short and ew...

慧·R 说...

Thanks :P
Your nails look long too when u keep them :D
(This sentence sounds lame... XD)