Bye Facebook- From A Paranoid

Guess there are a few who noticed that I've quit facebook
I'm not gonna create a new one or reactivate the current one
If anyone sees me on facebook, that's someone mocking me
Or else there will be two reasons:
1. Dear Mr. Lim is back on facebook
2. I'm single

His facebook has been hacked and he doesn't wanna create a new one
I'm tired of all the crap and dramas made up by the hacker
Which is the one I addressed as “小人” earlier

And I'm also f*cking tired of being paranoid
It got worse since the previous breakup
I've to change to make this relationship go on smoothly
I guess he doesn't read my blog so it's safe to write here
I wish I have the guts to tell him frankly that I'm abnormal, I'm a paranoid- I can't help it
Please be patient with me and give me some time to get over all the shit
I didn't turn like this without a reason
My first ex cheated on me; my second ex happened to be engaged
I used to trust guys who I love without a single doubt and all the nonsense happened to me
I never like writing all this crap on my blog, it's extremely shameful to tell everyone that I've been a fool twice
F*cking twice
Is it not understandable or reasonable of me being paranoid after all that has happened to me

I'm sorry for not being good enough


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Syad Said 说...

ur second ex engaged to someone else? lol thats not even ur fault hes just stupid and i pity his fiancee for having him. breakups can make us become a negative person. but we have to be positive as we have to continue living so we better keep the positivy with us no matter what. instead of regretting the bad times we had with them we better be thankful that at least now we're with somebody else other than them. at least we know that they're just the wrong persons.

慧·R 说...

Thanks Syad...
I'm moody tonight though :/